What Jewelry Should You Sell To A Gold Buyer?

Posted on: 24 January 2022

Gold buyers purchase all sorts of gold items. Many people choose to sell their gold jewelry to these buyers, for example. If you're wondering what jewelry you should sell to a gold buyer, you can start with this handy list.

Jewelry That Doesn't Have Valuable Stones

First of all, one thing that many people do not know is that gold buyers pay their customers based specifically off of the type of gold that the item is made from and the amount that the item weighs. They typically will not pay you extra if the jewelry includes valuable stones, such as diamonds. Therefore, if you have jewelry that features valuable stones, you may want to sell it in a different way. However, if you have jewelry that doesn't have a lot of valuable stones, selling to a gold buyer might be the most lucrative and best way to do so.

Broken Jewelry

Don't assume that your jewelry has to be in perfect condition in order for you to sell it to a gold buyer. Most gold buyers don't actually pay attention to the condition of the jewelry that they're buying, as long as it's real. It's often best to sell broken jewelry to gold buyers in particular, since many jewelry stores, individuals, and pawn shops will not buy broken jewelry.

Pieces You're Having Trouble Selling

You might have some jewelry pieces that are still in good condition, so you might have tried to sell them to an individual or a pawn shop instead of selling them to a gold buyer. However, you might have struggled to sell them for some reason. There might not be a good market for used jewelry in your area, or the pieces might be outdated or in a style that isn't very popular. You don't have to give up on selling these pieces, however, because you can always sell them to a gold buyer. You might like doing this because you will not have to worry about if the buyer will purchase the jewelry, as long as it's made from gold.

Silver Jewelry

It's quite understandable if you think that you will only be able to sell gold jewelry to a gold buyer. However, many gold buyers also purchase other types of jewelry. For example, if you have silver jewelry that you want to sell, you can ask if your chosen gold buyer purchases silver jewelry, too. You may find this is the case, and you can make things easier for yourself by selling all of your unwanted jewelry to the same person or company.

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