• How Can You Get A Fast Cash Loan Without A Bank Account?

    You've heard about fast cash loans but you never thought you would need one. Now you're in a situation where you need some money for an emergency but your credit rating isn't good. The payday loan stores you've contacted all require you to have a checking account. Isn't there any way to get a cash loan without a bank account? Fortunately, you do have options.  Secured Loans An easy way to get a fast loan without a bank account is to use some of your property as collateral. [Read More]

  • Turn Your Hobby Farm Into A Small Business And Reduce Your Tax Burden

    If your dream is to move to the country and grow a lot of peaches, you are not alone. Many people are dreaming of chicken coops, small fields full of organic veggies, and a bit of land to call their own. Unfortunately, this endeavor can be expensive, but if you plan to use some of your new land as a money maker, Uncle Sam may be able to help. Here is a look at how to reduce your tax burden by claiming small farm expenses: [Read More]

  • 3 Money-Management Principles You Will Learn Through Credit Counseling

    If you have filed for bankruptcy in the past and are again struggling with debt problems, you should seek help from a financial counselor. Through these services, you may be able to learn the techniques and strategies essential for staying out of debt. This is called credit counseling, and it teaches you the things you need to know to stay out of debt for good, including these three important principles: [Read More]

  • Pool Ownership And Its Effect On Your Homeowners Insurance Premium

    There's no doubt that owning a pool can be a nice luxury, especially when it comes to relaxing and cooling off on the hottest days of the year. However, one thing to consider if you're thinking about buying a home with a pool or having a pool installed on your existing property is the effect that doing so can have on your homeowners insurance premiums. Read on to learn about how a pool can impact your premiums and what you can do to lessen that impact as a means of saving money. [Read More]

  • Avoid These Audit-Triggering Actions Come Tax Season

    It's every tax payer's worst nightmare: being audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Fortunately, tax audits these days are less common than ever before, so your chances of being chosen for an audit are quite slim. Still, there are some "red flags" that the IRS tends to look for when selecting tax returns for auditing. Read on to learn about which mistakes you'll want to avoid to protect yourself from a tax audit. [Read More]

  • Beginning A Coin Collection? Here Are 4 of the Most Expensive & Rare Gold Coins

    Who hasn't dreamed of finding something worth millions of dollars? It is a nice dream, but the reality is that this occurrence seldom happens. But if you collect coins and do whatever you can to seek out the rarest and most valuable ones, you just might find something worth a lot of money. If you are just beginning your coin-collecting hobby, you can start by learning about some of the world's most valuable gold coins. [Read More]