Building a Coin Collection for a Return on Investment

Posted on: 16 January 2017

If you are looking to collect coins simply because you enjoy them or because there is something about a particular set of coins that you love, simply collect whichever coins work for you. But if you would like to collect coins because you are looking for an investment, there are certain coins you may want to collect that you will be the most likely to get a great return on investment for.

Junk Silver

One of the easiest types of coins to collect is junk silver. These are coins that have been used as currency and can contain as much as 90 percent silver. They are not desired by many coin collectors because they were used as a currency. However, those who are interested in bullion often do not want them because they do not contain enough silver. Therefore, it is easier to collect them without spending a fortune. They contain enough silver though that they are worth more for their silver value than they are for their face value.

Coins Worth More Than Their Weight

Gold coins are a great way to purchase and own gold. There are some gold coins that are worth more than their weight in gold, including the following coins:

  • American Eagle
  • American Buffalo
  • Jacqueline Kennedy
  • Blue Ridge Parkway

Coins with a Global Theme

A common and fun way to create a nice world-coin collection that you can later sell is to travel the world and try to collect coins from each country you travel to. It is relatively easy to obtain coins in any country you visit, and the coins can remind you of the travels you have gone on. They are usually a hit with kids. The more countries you have added to the set, the more the collection will be worth if you sell the coins. 

Classic Coins

Regardless of what coins you purchase, classic coins are often a better choice than modern coins. Modern coins are often fads that are not standardized by tradition. Therefore, it can be difficult to determine how much they will be worth. Purchase coin collections that are older and have a lot of history, and you will have a much easier time selling the coins for a return on investment.

The best place to start when creating a world coin collection is to find a coin dealer online. Then, you can look at the coins that are available and conduct research online to determine whether the coin would be a great addition to your collection.