4 Important Conditions Of Bail Bond That Every Arrested Individual And Co-Signer Must Understand

Posted on: 13 July 2023

Some individuals who get arrested get bail. The amount of the bail is set forth by a judge. Individuals facing the exact same charges could have different bail amounts. This is because judges look at a variety of factors when they set bail amounts. These might include but are not limited to an individual's prior criminal history and whether they are a flight risk.  

It can be difficult for the average individual to pay their bail amount in cash. This does not mean that they do not have options to get out of jail. They can utilize the services of bail bond agents. This brings hope to many. Agencies charge a percentage of the bail amount to get defendants out of jail. This is not an exoneration, and defendants must still go through the judicial process. If they violate the conditions of their bond, they are likely to be sent back to jail. The following points highlight a few things that might be conditions of release. 

Abstain From Alcohol and Drugs

This is a condition for many individuals who get arrested. The use of alcohol and drugs may impair individuals and cause more problems for them that could lead to an arrest. Individuals who have charges that are related to drugs or alcohol are very likely to have this condition. In some cases, defendants may have drug tests that must come back negative. Some individuals who get arrested are on probation, and they may get tested that way. A positive screen will usually result in probation violations and could also mean a revoked bond.

No Contact With Certain Individuals

Judges may order defendants not to contact individuals who are involved in their pending cases. This is common in domestic disputes. However, it can also happen when a group of individuals get arrested at the same time and face the same charges. If a group of friends get released and are discovered to be back fraternizing, this is considered a violation and could result in a revocation.

Permission to Travel Outside of Jurisdiction

Some individuals attempt to leave town thinking that they will not get caught. Anything could happen while they are away. They may assume that asking to go out of town will be rejected. The purpose of this condition is to lower the chances of a flight risk and to ensure that individuals on release are accounted for. 

Attend All Court Appearances

This is a very serious condition. Individuals who do not show up for their court dates and do not have an attorney present on their behalf to explain their absence are likely to get bench warrants and revocations. A bail bond agent is a good resource for arrested individuals to use to understand the conditions of their release.

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